5 Important Traits of a Great CNA

5 Important Traits of a Great CNA

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The role of a CNA can be very emotionally and physically demanding. CNAs are often tasked with tough jobs that need to completed in a quick and efficient manner. The role can be very fast paced, meaning that you, as a CNA, must be prepared for anything. When working in the healthcare field it is important that you not only can demonstrate your ability to perform as a medical professional but also as a compassionate human being. Here are a few important traits you should show in order to excel as a certified nursing assistant.


Healthcare doesn't take a break. Many hospitals, clinics, long term living facilities and other places that staff CNAs are open 24/7. This means you'll likely need to be available to work any hours of the day or night, especially in order to cover emergencies or if another worker is sick.

Emotional Stability

As a CNA there are likely going to be times when you must work in very difficult situations, including caring for terminally ill patients. Some of these patients may suffer from debilitating diseases, while others may have been involved in a horrendous accident, leaving them with a narrow chance of survival. As a healthcare professional you must be able to overcome your emotions and dutifully perform the tasks of which you are asked to do by your superiors.

Expert Communication Skills

Being able to communicate patient conditions, wants and needs is essential to the well being of the ones you care for, as well as to help ensure the RNs and doctors that are also working with the patient are in cahoots about what has, is and will be happening with them.

Outstanding Observation

While conducting your regular duties it is important that you're able to constantly be on the lookout for issues that may be a concern for patients. Taking note of vital signs, sores and wounds, things that patients say or complain about under the breath and then ensuring that these issues are passed on to the necessary person in charge so appropriate action can be taken is a must for any CNA.


One of the most important things a CNA must be able to do is care. You must demonstrate empathy for your patients. Show them you understand their pains and their concerns and that you're doing everything you can to support them.

These are just a few of the many skills and traits that a CNA must be able to show they have in order to be ultra successful in their role. If you're interested in becoming a CNA in Missouri contact Medical Education Development & Support to learn about our CNA training courses. We are here to help you start your medical career by giving you all the skills necessary to succeed! Call MEDS today at (816) 249-2956 to learn more or sign up for CMT or CNA classes in Kansas City, Missouri!

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